That’s right… for all of you who enjoy working on your toys till it’s time for summer fun… our project in Huron, Ohio will have radiant floor heat!

We are currently going through the extensive preparation process which includes grading and compaction of the site. We will provide a 3″ slope to the floor of your unit from the back to the front for any water to flow right out.

When this process is complete we will have your floor graded to within a +/- 1/8 of an inch. The process continues with a 6 mil layer of heavy plastic sheeting, a 2″ layer of blue board insulation and a wire mesh that will be tied together and laid on top of that.
The tubing to individually heat the floor of each unit will then be placed on the wire mesh.

At the time of the concrete installation, we will have a professional testing organization insure its quality.

With StorageCondos you are getting a quality product!