Aircraft Hangars

Every aircraft owner wants a hangar of his or her own. The reasons are obvious. A personal hangar not only offers protection from damage caused by sun, wind, rain, snow, birds, insects, and other aircraft and airport personnel, but also offers the security of knowing that your prized possession is in your own premier space. Most importantly ownership of your own private hangar condominium offers convenience.

Security and convenience now… Investment for the future.

Our aircraft hangars are premier, privately owned and are of the highest quality construction and materials. Each hangar is super-insulated with drywall construction, heat, electric, water and sewer, and the opportunity for customized options. Many owners choose to add a clear span loft to the rear of their hangar creating additional space for a lounge, bathroom or other amenities. With an overall height of 18’ your loft can have a 7’ height above with a 10’ height below.

An added benefit to our aircraft hangar projects is the flight planning center. Typically located in the first building of the project, the flight planning center is available to all owners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With approximately 1200 sq.ft., it is equipped with a meeting space, computer/internet, a comfortable cable TV lounge, full kitchen, and restrooms/shower.

Hangar Locations

Our Airport Hangars are located in the following areas: