Frequently Asked Questions

What type of construction materials do you use?

We were one of the first companies in the country to offer “Storage Condominiums” and have now been in business for nearly 14 years. We have sold over 400 units. Our reputation sells our units. In general we try to include the finest products available. The garage doors are steel on the inside and outside with an insulating foam core. We use a commercial operator and keyless entry for access. Reznor manufactures our gas unit heating system. The lighting is comprised of multiple low temperature 8′ two-tube fluorescent fixtures. We drywall and texture finish our StorageCondos units. We super-insulate our buildings to keep your heating costs low. On our new projects we are using a 40 year shingle roof. We meet or exceed the “International Building Standards” and offer a one-year warrant on our products. In addition, we are committed to continuously improving the product and materials we use. We welcome your suggestions.

In-Floor Radiant Heat

At our newest facility located at 3514 Cleveland Road West, Huron, OH across from Barnes Nursery we are offering in floor radiant heat. We believe this will provide a more cost efficient approach as well as a higher quality, more comfortable heat for our many project oriented owners. The system permits the owner to individually monitor and adjust the heat from any computer or smart phone Internet connection. Additionally, each owner will only be billed for the natural gas for his/her unit.

What about the site work?

The site work is one of the least appreciated aspects of our projects. It adds tremendously to the cost of a project and can be a costly maintenance item in the future if not done properly. In addition, it is difficult for the purchaser to tell if the proper attention was paid and high quality materials used to create the foundation for buildings, storm sewers, underground utilities and driveways. Our older projects speak for themselves. Maintenance has been minimal and ordinary. Our commitment to quality from the site work up has proven to be the reason we continue to sell units and enjoy a great reputation. Please see our testimonials on this web site.

What are the advantages of inside heated storage?

Exposure to the outdoor elements of snow, sleet, ice, and the high winds of the winter, as well as the intense sunlight of the summer will wreck havoc on your prized possessions. Clearly, inside heated storage will protect your vehicle from oxidation, corrosion, birds, and insects. Whether it’s the gel coat on the hull of your motorboat or the waxed finish of your motorhome, a StorageCondos will provide protection for your investment. But there’s an added bonus… a StorageCondos will also provide you with your own premier space to use as you want to.

What about resale?

Having been in business longer than almost anyone in the country we can demonstrate that there is a market for your unit when the time comes to sell. The purchase of our “StorageCondos” has proven to be an investment with a reasonable return of about 5% a year. You can sell it yourself, ask us to sell it for you, or select a realtor.

Can I lease a unit?

Yes, units are usually available and lease for around 1% of the sale price per month. We have investors that purchase units solely as investment property.

Do I have 24/7 access.


Can a security system be added in a unit?

Yes, it typically costs about $300 to install and the monitoring fee can be shared with other owners and is very inexpensive.

Is the gas usage individually metered?

Yes, the heating cost is individually metered for each unit, by the association. You can control the temperature and therefore your gas consumption with your thermostat. There is only one utility owned meter thereby eliminating the standard monthly flat rate fee. In our new projects we super-insulate our buildings resulting in lower gas consumption. Many of our customers spend less than $100/YEAR in our northern locations to maintain their units above freezing.

Is there a public restroom?

At our new locations we offer a public restroom for your convenience. Some of our units have restrooms as an option. There is also a wash down area at most locations.

What type of deed do we receive?

You will receive a warranty deed. Just like a residential condominium.

Do we pay taxes?

Yes, the county determines the rate. In Port Clinton, Ohio the taxes are typically around $500/year.

Is financing available?

Yes, please inquire with your salesperson.

Can I build a loft?

Yes, our newest units have a minimum nominal 16′ ceiling height. This offers you the opportunity for the construction of a loft with 7 1/2′ of headroom above and below. This loft height can be adjusted for more headroom above or below. You can build it yourself or we will build it for you.

Is there a condo fee?

Yes, it includes building insurance, management fee, lawn care, snow removal, power washing the buildings, insect control, maintaining the security lighting, maintaining the public restroom, some public utility requirements, and general outside maintenance and clean up. The cost is budgeted each year and is currently around $35/month at most locations for the personal storage unit.

How do I take a look?

Call our office at 866-99 STORAGE or 866-997- 8672 anytime.

We look forward to meeting you and having you become part of a growing community of StorageCondos owners.


Dave Winters, President